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A large number of working individuals in the United States are struggling to pay off student loan debts that they incurred while still in school. The cost of education increases on a yearly basis and an increasing amount of students are beginning to borrow money to put themselves through school. 

There are a variety of financial aid systems that are available to students, but, the different types of aids can be confusing and hard to understand. Many entities are attempting to find solutions for the current student debt crisis as a result of the challenges that these borrowers have been facing in repaying their student loan debts, as well as the confusion among families regarding loan programs.

College Assistance

Several colleges have been doing their best to provide information to students about their many loan options. At the Community College of Baltimore County, a text message campaign that lasted the duration of a month led to a decrease in the amount of unsubsidized loans that students were taking out. 

Multiple universities in the Midwestern United States region have sent out letters to their students offering information about the different types of loans, financial counseling services, current loan balances, and the variety of different future monthly payments that can be made to pay off their student loans.

Government Assistance

The federal government, in response to the rapidly increasing amount of student loan debt that is being incurred, has been offering help to students in many ways as well. Under the Obama administration in 2012, the federal government provided colleges with the opportunity to send their students a one-page financial aid shopping sheet. This sheet provided information on the costs associated with borrowing money, the different types of available loans, and any benefits that students may have been able to receive.


Small impacts have been made as a result of the efforts made by the federal government and several universities. Both the federal government and colleges have been trying to further educate students about financial aid so that they are able to make more informed purchasing decisions when looking for loans. The student loan debt is still rising, but as more information is made publically available, more students are beginning to weigh their options wisely.